2-ROLL Straightening Machine for Bright Bar
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2-ROLL Straightening Machine for Bright Bar

BAOTE two-roll two-motor bar straightener offers customers with space constraints a viable solution to process larger diameter material due to its compact footprint with the motors being mounted directly on the machine. Performing well in both black bar and burnishing applications, this machine is a versatile option to the vertical over/under straighteners in larger diameter applications. The two roll straightener straightens materials of different diameters through the angle change of two rollers. The two roll bar straightener can be used for the diameter range 10 to 160 mm. BAOTE provides purpose-built solutions to fit each customer’s specific needs and applications. Contact us for more information.

Product Description

2-ROLL Straightening Machine for Bright Bar:

BAOTE two-roll bar straightening machines are designed for particularly high-tensile materials and tough specifications. Most of the adjusting and clamping operations are performed by motors or hydraulics. The two-roll bar straightener allows the machines to generate the best possible straightening results over the full bar length, within a diameter range of between 4 and 250 mm. We are professional round bar straightening machine manufacturer and Offer range is provided with 2 roll straightness which provides high precision straightening shafts and has excellent lengths of wire rods and bar ranging from 6 mm to 38 mm. 

Main Feature of 2-Roll Straightening Machine for Bright Bar:

  • Optimum straightening effect, even with high strength materials

  • The two-roll principle with the concave upper roller and convex bottom roller to ensure that the ends are straightened.

  • Straightener roll from alloyed and hardened chrome steel.

  • Lateral guidance of the bar to be straightened between the straightener rolls by special guide ledges.

  • Long straightening roller life due to coolant lubrication.

The Application of 2-Roll Straightening Machine for Bright Bar:

1. Ferrous metals: Stainless steel, bearing steel, spring steel, tool steel, structural steel, alloy steel, free-cutting steel, air valve steel, gear steel, others.

2. Nonferrous metals: Copper alloy, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, etc. Widespread in preparation link in manufacturing of slender axles, hydraulic/pneumatic elements, bearings, springs, auto parts, textile machinery, processing of cold forging materials, instruments, steel pipes, cutters, engineering machinery, sports equipment, and other machiners.

3. Widely applied to industries of copper, titanium, aluminum, magnesium, petroleum, power and bridge (e.g. piston rod, optical axis, bolt, spring, rack, rod thread, stainless steel rod, copper rod, titanium rod, aluminum rod, magnesium rod, bearing ring, draglink, roller shaft, pin, polishing rod, screw, core rod, oil drill pipe, tightwire, pipe blank).

Technical parameters of bar (tube) straightening machine

Unit typeJP40JP60JP80JP100JP150
Main power sourceAC 380V 50HZAC 380V 50HZAC 380V 50HZAC 380V 50HZAC 380V 50HZ
Control sourceAC 220V 50HZAC 220V 50HZAC 220V 50HZAC 220V 50HZAC 220V 50HZ
System control powerDC24VDC24VDC24VDC24VDC24V
Raw material requirementspeeling steel cold, drawn steelpeeling steel cold, drawn steelpeeling steel cold, drawn steelpeeling steel cold,  drawn steelpeeling steel cold, drawn steel
Straightening length≥1m≥2m≥2m≥2m≥2.5m
Straightening diameter range size∮8-40∮18-60∮20-80∮30-100∮70-150
Hardness of steel bar≤HB300≤HB300≤HB300≤HB300300BHN
Yield Strength1200 MPa1200 MPa1200 MPa1200 MPa1200 MPa
Straightening speed1-25m/min1-25m/min1-18m/ min1-18m/ min1-10m/ min
Straightening roll speed1-140rpm1-140rpm1-63rpm1-63rpm1-63rpm
Surface roughnessRa1.6-0.8Ra1.6-0.8Ra1.6-0.8Ra1.6-0.8Ra1.6-0.8


1. High Quality

With reference to German technology, on this basis, we update and improve our technology, compared with foreign equipment, our equipment has high quality, high efficiency, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low failure rate, low energy consumption and reasonable price.

2. Enough experience and High technology

We start from the processing industry, using self-made equipment to undertake the national bar material processing business. This is also an important basis in which we can continuously improve our equipment technology. Because we have processed different materials and specifications bar materials, we have more practical experience to suggest. Therefore, we all have better and more accurate judgment and guidance on the possible faults and operational errors of the equipment.

3. on-line tool adjustment without stopping

Compared with similar products in China, our peeling machine can make on-line tool adjustment without stopping. And we equipped with good quality accessories.



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