7 Minutes to Understand Bar Straightening Machine

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The cross-roll bar straightener is mainly used for the precision straightening and rolling of the metal bar after peeling or grinding. Meanwhile, it can also be used for the straightening of bright bars and precision forging round bars. The practicality of the cross-roller bar straightening machine is strong, the processing process is stable, the speed is fast, the surface quality is good, and the processing accuracy is high. The larger material speed can reach 25m / min. The practicality of the cross-roller bar straightener is strong and the processing process is stable.

bar straightening machine

Working principle of cross-roller bar straightening machine

The size and direction of the original bending curvature of the metal are different. The roller straightener makes the metal bend repeatedly many times to eliminate the unevenness of the curvature, thereby changing the curvature from large to small and making it straight. In the cross-roller bar straightener, there are two types of rectification schemes based on the amount of deformation (reduction) of the metal produced by each roll: a small deformation correction scheme and a large deformation correction scheme.

Small deformation correction program: The so-called small deformation correction program assumes that each roller of the upper row of work rolls of the straightener can be adjusted independently, and the principle of adjustment of the deformation of each roller is that after the metal entering the roller undergoes reverse bending and rebounding, its larger original curvature should be completely eliminated, that is, the part can be straightened.

Large deformation correction program: due to the change of the original curvature of the metal being corrected and the difficulty in determining, the correction scheme of large deformation is often adopted in production.

The pressure of cross-roller bar straightening machine: The pressure acting on the straightening roller during straightening can be calculated using the bending moment required by the metal being straightened, and the metal is regarded as a continuous beam with many concentrated loads. The transmission power of roller straightener: The transmission power is related to torque and curvature.

Basic parameters of inclined roller straightener

The basic parameters of the bar straightening machine include: roll pitch t, roll diameter D, roll number n, roll body length L and straightening speed v, of which the main parameters are D and t.

Roll pitch t: The choice of roll pitch t has an important influence on the quality of correction. When determining the roll diameter t, both the straightening quality of the steel and the strength conditions of the roll must be considered. The smaller allowable roller distance t is limited by the strength, and the larger allowable roller distance t is limited by the correction quality. The determination of small allowable roller distance t: when the roll diameter D is fixed, the smaller the roll distance t, the higher the correction quality, but it can be seen from the calculation of the pressure of the roll: the smaller the roll distance t, the larger the correction pressure P, that is, the greater the contact stress between the surface and the metal, the faster the wear and damage to the metal surface of the roller. Therefore, the smaller allowable roller distance t is limited by the contact stress of the roller body surface and the torsional strength of the straightening roller.

roller straightening machine

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