Automatic Precision Centreless Lathe Turning Machines
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Automatic Precision Centreless Lathe Turning Machines

Automatic precision centreless turning machines is used for the production of close tolerance bars and tubes. Bar peeling machine efficiently removes oxidation, rusty, crack, scratches and decarburized layers on the surface of raw hot rolled bars.
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Product Description

Automatic Precision Centreless Lathe Turning Machines:

The bar peeling machine belongs to the centerless lathe, and can process the raw material diameter ranging from 5mm to 700mm. Steel bar peeling machine can be applied to process various steels, such as carbon structural steel, high tensile structural steel, structural steel, alloy steel, spring steel, ball bearing steel and tool steel, etc.

Ancillary equipment for Peeling machines:

• Straightening/polishing machine

• Cutting equipment

• Chamfering equipment

• Grinding equipment

• Testing equipment

• Packing equipment

Technical parameters of bar (tube) peeling machine 

Unit type BP-40 BP-80 BP-100 BP-150 BP-250
Main power source             AC 380V 50HZ AC 380V 50HZ  AC 380V 50HZ AC 380V 50HZ AC 380V 50HZ
Control source             AC 220V 50HZ AC 220V 50HZ AC 220V 50HZ AC 220V 50HZ AC 220V 50HZ
System control power DC24V DC24V DC24V DC24V DC24V
Hardness             hot rolled material ≤HB310 hot rolled material ≤HB310 hot rolled material ≤HB310 hot rolled material ≤HB310 hot rolled material ≤HB310
Peeling length             ≥2.2m ≥2.5m ≥2.5m ≥3.2m ≥3.5m
Peeling diameter range size (raw material)             ∮11-41mm ∮21-85mm ∮31-102mm ∮71-155mm ∮92-255mm
Peeling diameter range size (finished product)  ∮8-40mm ∮20-80mm ∮30-100mm ∮70-150mm ∮90-250mm
Yield Strength             1200 MPa 1200 MPa 1200 MPa 1200 MPa 1200 MPa
The knife dish form four knife four knife four knife four knife four knife
Blade adjustment mode Adjust the cutter online without stopping  Adjust the cutter online without stopping  Adjust the cutter online without stopping  Adjust the cutter online without stopping  Adjust the cutter online without stopping 
Speed of mainshaft             300-2000r/min 300-1000r/min 300-1000r/min 200-450r/min 70-260r/min
Peeling depth(diameter) 0.5-1.5mm 0.6-2mm 0.6-2mm 1-5mm 1-5mm
Feeding speed             0.5-12m/ min 0.5-10m/ min 0.5-8m/ min 0.5-5m/ min 0.5-4m/min
Diameter tolerance h9-h11 h9-h11 h9-h11 h9-h11 h9-h11
Surface roughness             Ra1.6-3.2 Ra1.6-3.2 Ra1.6-3.2 Ra1.6-3.2 Ra3.2-12.5
Out of  roundness             ≤0.05 ≤0.05 ≤0.05 ≤0.05 ≤0.05
Precision              ≤0.05 ≤0.1 ≤0.1 ≤0.1 ≤0.1
Straightness (raw material) ≦3‰ ≤3‰ ≤3‰ ≤3‰ ≤3‰
Straightness (finished product) ≦3‰ ≤3‰ ≤3‰ ≤3‰ ≤3‰
Loading frame and unloading frame's length (standard configuration)    6m 6m 6m 6m 6m
Total power             58KW 76KW 76KW 122KW 119KW
Main motor power             37KW 55KW 55KW 90KW 75KW
Feed motor power             3.0KW*2 3.0KW*2 3.0KW*2 3.0KW*3 3.0KW*6
Pull out motor power 3.0KW*3 3.0KW*3 3.0KW*3 3.0KW*3 3.0KW*4
Hydraulic pressure station motor power             3.0KW*1 3.0KW*1 3.0KW*1 11KW*1 11KW*1
chip removal device motor pwer             0.75KW*1 0.75KW*1 0.75KW*1 0.75KW*1 0.75KW*1
Motor power of the shrink knife             0.4KW*1 0.4KW*1 0.4KW*1 0.4KW*1 0.4KW*1
Motor power of upper and lower roller table 1.1KW*1 1.1KW*1 1.1KW*1 1.1KW*1 1.1KW*1
Weight 10T 12T 12T 25T 60T
boundary dimension  (m)   16.5*3.2*1.9 16.5*4*1.9 16.5*4*1.9 18*4*2.1 20*4.5*2.4



1. High Quality

With reference to German technology, on this basis, we update and improve our technology, compared with foreign equipment, our equipment has high quality, high efficiency, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low failure rate, low energy consumption and reasonable price.

2. Enough experience and High technology

We start from the processing industry, using self-made equipment to undertake the national bar material processing business. This is also an important basis in which we can continuously improve our equipment technology. Because we have processed different materials and specifications bar materials, we have more practical experience to suggest. Therefore, we all have better and more accurate judgment and guidance on the possible faults and operational errors of the equipment.

3. on-line tool adjustment without stopping

Compared with similar products in China, our peeling machine can make on-line tool adjustment without stopping. And we equipped with good quality accessories.

After-sale Service Services

1. Free quality guarantee period for 12 months

2. Free long-term technical support

3. Free train for buyer's operator in our factory

4. Fast response service within 24 hours

5. Our engineers can offer overseas services, including guiding installation, commissioning, training, etc.



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