Code of Safe Operation for Bar Drawing Machine

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There are two types of bar drawing machines (steel wire drawing machines), horizontal and vertical. These two types of bar drawing machines have different mechanisms and use different motors and reducers, so they are divided into two types, vertical and horizontal. According to the style of their structure, both vertical and horizontal wire drawing machines are equipped with wire drawing reels of different sizes depending on the type of equipment used. 

bar drawing machines

1.Induction requirements

  • The operator must be in the designated equipment for productive processing operations, non-machine personnel are strictly prohibited from operating on the machine or operating in tandem. 

  • The operator must be familiar with the basic technical parameters and performance indicators of the equipment.

  • The operator must be faithful and responsible and skilled in the operation, maintenance and servicing of this equipment.

  • The operators must keep learning and improve their quality.

2.Safty operation

  • The electrical equipment of the machine must be well grounded and the two limit screws of the travel bumpers must be complete.

  • During the operation of the machine, it is forbidden to touch the handwheels, handles and electrical buttons to avoid accidents; it is forbidden to touch the moving parts with your hands; tools and other objects are not allowed to be placed on the working table.

  • The wheel guard, belt guard and other safety devices installed on the machine must be intact and must not be removed at will, and all fixing screws of the guard should only be tightened.

  • No one can stand directly in front of the grinding wheel when it is being driven to avoid accidents.

  • When repairing or inspecting the machine, the machine must be disconnected from the power supply.

  • The grinding wheel or wire drawing machine should be smooth and slow to ensure safety when feeding the wire drawing knife. The bed surface, straightening machine guide, etc. should be oiled regularly.

  • Before starting the machine, the grinding wheel or drawing knife should leave the grinding rollers for a distance, the electrical appliances should be in the stop position, the grinding roller bushings, grinding roller bearings and travel bumpers must be properly adjusted and fastened.

  • After the drawing is completed, the tool should be withdrawn before stopping the machine and the rolls should be removed from the machine and placed on the mat.

3.Equipment warranty

  • Keep the outside of the equipment clean and hygienic, check that the air supply lines and quick connectors are in good condition.

  • Lubricate the upper and lower bearing blocks and lifting screw (grease gun for oiling).

  • Drain water from the air filter.

  • Remove the sludge left by the daily maintenance and carry out lubrication maintenance according to the daily maintenance requirements.

  • Check the chain and its tension (if the tension is too loose, adjust it to the right level).

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