On the operation flow of straightener

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Straightener is the equipment for straightening metal profiles, bars, pipes and wires. Straightener through the straightening roller bar and other extrusion to change the straightness.

There are generally two rows of straightening rollers, the number of different. Everyone has some simple understanding of the straightener, so let's talk about its operation process.

First, before starting up, must first of all to the hydraulic station of the hydraulic oil and reduction box, and the transmission box for inspection, to see whether their gear oil has been filled. When the main motor of straightener start, must adjust the Angle of inspection and hydraulic system working pressure.

When the lubricating oil is injected into each lubrication point, the operation of the mechanical rotating part must be checked to make it flexible operation. In the operation, the operator must first wear labor protection supplies, if the straightener after starting up, can not leave the post or cross guard.

3. After stabilizing the oil and oil pressure of the hydraulic station, lift the upper straightening roller and place it at the beginning. After receiving the material manually, send the steel pipe to the third pair of straightening roller, press the upper straightening roller down and clamp it. When actuated, the forward direction of the tube rotation is straightened at the same time.

After stopping the motor of the main motor, the straightening work of the straightening roller is also stopped, and the straightening roller is lifted up, and the straightening steel pipe is sent out. If straightener wants to reverse straightening, in the operating table can use the reverse knob to reverse the host machine, and then the opposite direction of straightening. When the main motor stopped, the straightening work of the straightening roller also stopped, and the steel pipe retreated to the initial place, then waiting for repeated instructions, the next straightening procedure. If it's down, turn off the power and don't change the program's controller.

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