Straightener - a machine whose function can be understood by its name

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Straightener, I can assure you, the function of this machine you can tell what it's for even if you look at its name, straightener, you can tell by its name that it's for straightening.

Indeed, straightener is used to carry on straightening machine, however, also not all material product suits to use straightener to carry on straightening, straightener is used to carry on straightening to metal profile, bar, tube, wire, etc. There are multiple types of straightener, according to the structure of the straightener can be divided into pressure straightener, balance rolling straightener, shoe rolling straightener, rotary bending straightener and so on. Working principle of straightening machine can also be easy to understand, is to make the bending part of the just absorb large reverse bending or stretching, is the part of the brain that produce certain plastic deformation, when the external force to remove steel through the elastic recovery, and then to straight, this is the working principle of the straightening machine, let a person look can easily understand.

Straightener in the use of a lot of attention, such as the straightener in use to carefully observe the straightness of the steel tube, the initial adjustment to ensure that the steel tube and the straightener body 3/4 contact, and ensure that their gap is not more than 0.1 mm. Secondly, the speed of straightener should be adjusted according to the bending degree of the steel tube and the material of the straightened steel tube. In addition, the straightener should adjust the distance between the upper and lower rollers according to the material of the steel pipe, the bending degree and the required precision to ensure the straightening pressure. During the course of straightening, it is strictly prohibited to touch the straightening roller and the steel tube in motion, and pay attention to the surface quality of the steel tube to prevent the steel tube surface scratch and indentation. These above are the matters that straightener should pay attention to when using.

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