The Application of Transducer on Combined Drawing Machine

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1.The Introduction of Drawing Machine

The combines drawing machine  is an important equipment for metal wire production, and the main function is to draw various wires into the required various specifications of fine wire. From the working form and mechanical structure, it is divided into straight-in, live-sleeve, water tank type (also called double frequency drawing machine), etc. For different precision and different specifications of products, different metal types, can choose different specifications of wire drawing machinery. For copper and aluminum base material wire and cable production enterprises, double frequency conversion control of the fine drawing machine is more widely used, while for most steel wire production enterprises, for steel characteristics, the use of straight into the type of drawing machine more.

2.The Description of The Processes

  • Unwinding: The wire drawing machine wire unwinding process, for the entire wire drawing machine link, its control is not too high-precision requirements, double frequency conversion control of the wire drawing machinery, the use of wire tension through the disc stretching of the wire link, that is, through the tension release frame automatically put the wire.

  • Wire drawing: Different metal materials, different product precision and requirements, the drawing link is very different, the drawing part is controlled by a main motor (called the host), the metal wire is guided through the internal tower wheel, through all levels of the mold and gradually stretch to achieve the required specifications of the wire. At the same time, the coolant is turned on to cool the die during drawing.

  • Winding: winding is the most important part of double conversion wire drawing machine,  the performance of the wire drawing machine plays a decisive role, but also to test the performance of the electrical system of the wire drawing machine is an important basis. Winding by a winding motor (from the machine) driven by the winding disk for winding, wire from the drawing part out through the tension pendulum, the role of the tension pendulum is to feedback the current tension signal to the slave machine, the slave machine according to the feedback signal deviation to adjust the output frequency, in order to ensure a constant tension in the winding process.

3.Site Requirements

  • Start smoothly. Require 0.15mm iron wire in the winding start, acceleration, deceleration and other processes smooth and uninterrupted.

  • Stable running speed of 900m/Min. (running frequency of 42HZ for empty coil and 21HZ for full coil).

  • Small swing amplitude of the pendulum during operation, stable operation. (The rate of change of frequency caused by the change of roll diameter is within 1HZ).

  • With emergency stop function (the whole system can stop within 2S, and keep unbroken).

  • With automatic detection of broken wire function. (detects the broken wire according to the position of the pendulum).

4.The Application of Transducer

  • Standard 5-digit two-line LED panel display, optional LCD, HMI operation panel.

  • Built-in a variety of system macros and application macros, macro parameters call, simplest parameter setting.

  • Virtual input and output, minimizing external wiring and interference caused by external wiring.

  • Automatic self-balancing of current, power or torque in synchronous transmission of multiple machines

  • Hundreds of combinations of torque and speed settings.

  • Spindle servo and indexing positioning control.

  • Flexible configuration of frequency/speed setting channel priority.

  • ny unstored parameters for field commissioning can be stored or discarded and restored with one key.

  • Ergonomic operation panel with keyboard or software locking and unlocking.

  • Automatic masking of parameters of unused function modules or selective display of modified, stored or changed parameters.

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