What is the Bright Bar Machine

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Peeling machine, type SH 80. This machine is part of a bright bar production line, comprising a heavy-duty bar peeling machine, a straightening/polishing machine and a facing and chamfering unit. The line is complemented by a testing line and a laser marking device.

Our stripping machines are very successfully used for the fully automatic production of precision bright steel. Bright steel is characterised by small deviations in size and ovalness and good surface quality.

In addition to stripping machines for steel, we also offer stripping machines for various metals.

These machines are designed to achieve low maintenance and permanent precision.


1. The Production Line of bright bar machine

The peeling machine (centerless lathe) and two roll precision straightening machine are combined into an automatic production line for peeling, precision straightening and calendering of long round metal such as bar, rod, tube, pipe, producing high precision and high-quality metal bright material


The complete bar-to-bar bright bars production line consists of a peeling machine, two roll precision straightening machine, pre-straightening machine, Chamfering and centerless grinding machine, among them, peeling machine and two roll precision straightening machine is the key machines. Equipment in the production line can also be increased or decreased according to the situation to meet the needs of different processes.


This production line is capable to process bars with diameters from 10 to 160mm.


This production line processes hot-rolled, precision forged and heat-treated black bars into bright ones with bright surface and high dimensional tolerance


The production line can process the hot-rolled, precision-forged or heat-treated black leather bar into a fine bar with a smooth surface and high dimensional tolerance level. The Applicable bar materials include bearing steel, gear steel, spring steel, easy cutting steel, titanium alloy and other materials.


2. The Materials of the bright bar machine

Our bright bar machines are designed for particularly high tension materials and demanding specifications. Most of the adjustment and clamping operations are carried out by electric motors or hydraulic systems.


This enables the machine to produce optimum straightening results over the entire length of the bar in the diameter range from 4 to 250 mm. Equally impressive is the fact that these machines are very fast, achieving a feed rate of 210 metres per minute, which translates into high productivity. You also benefit from features such as quick-change systems, roll profiles designed for special materials and quick-setting recipe control.


The bright bar machine, on the other hand, is a cost-effective solution for low to medium strength materials and bars with diameters between 4 and 60 mm. Some of the machine parameters are set manually. You can integrate these systems in bright bar lines or use them as stand-alone units together with suitable bar handling systems.


High quality for small diameters

A drawing line in combination with a straightening and drawing machine featuring a nozzle-type straightener and a polishing wheel is also available. This is the ideal arrangement for smaller bar sizes. Our models are available in diameters ranging from 2 to 30 mm and combine high straightness levels, surface quality and impressive throughput speeds.


3. The Manufactured of a bright bar machine

Bright bars are made from black bars which are the initial raw product obtained after melting raw materials. They are formed with a cold drawing process where it is cooled at room temperature and subjected to further fine-finishing processes such as annealing, turning, grinding, polishing, etc. With the help of these secondary processes, the final product can have a closer dimensional tolerance with a range of surface finishes for distinct purposes. Along with superior surface finishing, they also possess a higher degree of susceptibility, concentricity, straightness and corrosion resistance.

The manufacturing of bright bar via drawing process involves three basic steps:

Rolling raw materials:

The raw material is passed through several hot-rollers at temperatures that are higher than steel’s recrystallization temperature. This process doesn’t allow any precise control over the forming of the bar, which makes it uneven and extruded.

Drawing Process:

After cooling the bar down to room temperature, it is passed through a drawing machine. The machine is fixed with a die which reduces the bar by its diameter while increasing its length.

Final Product:

The final product obtained from the drawing machine is a finely surfaced bright bar with enhanced mechanical and chemical properties.


4. The Types of bright bar machine

Bright round bar.

Bright round steel is extensively heat-treated to provide extreme hardness. Its properties can be easily enhanced by the addition of other elements to the alloy.

The most commonly used round bar grades include 201, 202, 304, 309, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 321 and 400 series.


Bright rectangular bars.

Rectangular bars are highly resistant to heat and external impact, which makes them very popular for the manufacture of small machined parts.

Stainless steel rectangular bars are heat-treated, cold drawn, annealed and tempered before being formed for machining.

A typical stainless steel rectangular bar ranges in diameter from 12 mm - 50 mm.


Bright hexagonal bars.

Hexagonal bars are primarily intended for the manufacture of small fasteners and threaded components such as nuts, valves, hose ends, fasteners, hexagonal bolts, etc.

Due to their reliable strength and durability, hexagonal bars are widely used for all fastening applications.

They are also available in 300 series and 400 series grades.





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