Application of Round Bar Peeling Machine

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Because the combination of the bar peeling machine and the bar straightening machine is a purely physical steel pipe processing equipment, the equipment is easy to operate, and the centerless lathe processing method meets the requirements of environmental protection. The traditional brushing and wire drawing processes require pickling, which seriously pollutes the environment and is strictly subject to the environmental protection department's restrictions. There are no internal damage cracks. The traditional bar peeling machine cannot avoid internal and surface cracks due to its own process. This will cause internal damage to the workpiece and cause the workpiece to be stretched within a certain range. This is in line with modern metal processing requirements and does not meet the high density and high density without causing internal damage. 


In western developed countries, the wire drawing process has been replaced by a more advanced centerless lathe process, especially for manufacturers that require the application of round bar peeling machines. As there are strict domestic regulations on product defects, defects generated during the stretching process can easily cause commercial losses. Therefore, a centerless rotation process must be used, and a centerless lathe has a unique advantage when processing ultra-long steel. Ordinary lathes can only process relatively short steel materials. When processing long materials, it is necessary to clamp the long steel many times, and it is difficult to ensure the coaxiality and roundness of processed steel, and there is always a prototype. However, no matter how many centerless lathes or how many pieces of steel are processed continuously, the adjustment of the tool can only ensure that several high-precision machining is performed at the same time. Because it is fundamentally different from the processing of traditional lathes, the disadvantages of traditional lathes in processing long materials have been completely improved. At least half of the finished steel can be purchased at a unit price.


This can greatly increase the profit of the factory, and the recycling value of the grinder without the center of the dust generated behind the surface is very small. The bar peeling machine replaces the semi-finishing process of the centerless grinder. The precision operation of the bar peeling machine not only causes the waste of dust but also improves production efficiency. Compared with the traditional bar peeling machine, the round bar peeling machine not only has a higher straightening speed but also has a bright effect similar to the surface of the steel. Meet the requirements of cracks without internal damage.


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