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Bar Peeling Machine

Bar Peeling Machine, which is commonly known as a centerless lathe, is a kind of high efficient rotary cutting device. It can be widely used for peeling round bar, steel round bar, stainless steel round bar and other ferrous and non-ferrous metal bars.

Bar Peeling Machine removes scale, cracks, seams, deformations, decarburized layers, and other imperfections resulting from hot rolling or other processes used for producing a bar or tube. When steel blanks are formed from a forging or hot-rolling process, they generally have surface imperfections like microcracks or discontinuous “skins” that are formed during the cooling process. These imperfections have to be removed before the blank can be formed into a sufficient raw material for further processing. Bar peeling refers to a metalworking process. 

Bar peeling stock can be later machined into finished pieces such as bearing, car springs and stabilizer bars, car steering gear rack, hydraulic cylinder, cylinder piston rod, cold forming extrusion parts, forging parts, high strength bolts, Molding, the shaft. In all of these cases, it's important to have a completely smooth, defect-free continuous surface with precise dimensions. That's where the bar peeling process and steel bar peeling machine come into play. It produces the smooth surfaces and critical dimensions for downstream parts processing.

The middle of the Bar Peeling Machine is empty and there is a knife around the plate. We will process materials here. Fix, and then adjust the tilt angle of the cutter, the cutter begins to spin at high speed. During processing, the bar itself doesn't rotate. The cutter head drives the tools rotating at high speed to pell the surface of the bar. At the same time, after peeling, the bar keeps walking straight ahead. The round bar peeling machine suits for processing the bars and wire rods.

As a professional bar peeling machine manufacturer, Baote providing a high-quality round bar peeling machine - a high-efficiency centerless lathe which is specialized in rough processing and finishing of the surface of slender shaft. Not only quickly remove surface hardened layer, cracks and other defects, but also can get high precision. A peeling machine removes the decarburized layer, scratches, or defective hardened layer on the surface of the cold/hot rolled round material. A continuous feed system of bars loses no time in loading and unloading. Therefore, it is suitable for mass production.

Baote is considered a trusted name in the bar peeling machine manufacturer and exports. This round bar peeling machine is specially designed and developed in accordance with national and international standards. These efficient and durable bar peeling machines are tested for their quality and flawlessness before being delivered to the clients.


The bar peeling machine is a high-efficiency processing technology, mainly used for the diameter of 10~250 mm in the long metal material peeling processing. It can quickly and efficiently remove the decarburization layer, crack and other defects on the surface of the bar, and achieve higher accuracy and roughness. It is especially advantageous to long material processing, which can improve efficiency several times to more than ten times than ordinary technology. It is widely used in machinery manufacturing, vehicle production, bearing production, spring manufacturing, and other fields.

Bar Peeler, named bar peeling machine, can be widely used for peeling round bar, steel round bar, stainless steel round bar, and other ferrous and non-ferrous metal bars. As a professional bar peeling machine manufacturer, Baote providing a high-quality round bar peeling machine - a high-efficiency centerless lathe which is specialized in rough processing and finishing of the surface of slender shaft. Not only quickly remove the surface hardened layer, cracks, and other defects, but also can get high precision.

The centerless lathe turning machine, named bar peeling machine, can be used for turning the black bar into a bright bar with high surface finish and dimension. The bar peeling machine is used to make parts such as springs, bearing, gears, shaft, and thick-walled tubes. Finished diameter: 10~250mm.

Bar peeling machine is part of a bright bar production line, comprising a bar peeling machine, two roll precision straightening/polishing machine and pre-straightening machine, and chamfering and centerless grinding machine. This production line processes hot-rolled, precision forged and heat-treated black bars into bright ones with bright surface and high performance.

Precision bar to bar peeling machines is used for the production of bright steel intolerances h9 / h11 in the diameter range from 10 to 250 mm. Peeling machine removes the decarburized layer, scratches, or defective hardened layer on the surface of the hot-rolled round material.

Bar peeling machine is a process to remove oxide scale, mill scale, and surface defects such as cracks from hot-rolled and forged bars. Compared with conventional turning, the steel bar peeling machine is a machining process with high productivity and low tolerances due to the shorter production time. On top of that, this process results in higher dimensional tolerances and surface quality and consequently eliminates subsequent processes.

The Main Parts of Bar Peeling Machine


1. Loading table

Function: feeding, stacking, and discharging.
Structure form: The frame body is a structural part, and the overhead crane loads the materials. The thinner materials need to be arranged manually. Near the input roller table of the bar peeling machine, a material-retaining arm and a pneumatic material-removing arm are installed. Under the control of the electrical detection point at the end of the roller table, the pneumatic material-removing arm sequentially turns the round bar material to be peeled into the input roller table of the peeling machine.


2. Enter roller table

Function: convey the bar material to the pinch roller device of the steel bar peeling machine.
Structural form: The frame is a structural part. The roller table is the height of the mechanical roller surface. According to the diameter of the bar to be peeled, the height of the roller table is mechanically adjusted to keep it consistent with the center of the pinch roller device. The roller table is driven by an electric motor.


3. Pinch roller device

Function: According to the preset speed, the bar is transported to the round bar peeling machine.
Structure: The support is a structural part. Two sets of pinch rollers are installed on the support. The pinch rollers rely on the motor hardened gear reducer to maintain mechanical synchronization and automatically center. Each pinch roller is driven independently by a motor. The clamping force is achieved by a hydraulic cylinder mounted on the frame. The clamping force can be adjusted.



4. Peeling machine host

Function: According to the set cutting speed, peel the bar at high speed.

Structure: The base is a coolant tank, a hollow main shaft, and the cutter head is installed on the main shaft. The motor speed reducer drags the main shaft through the triangle belt to drive the cutter head to rotate at high speed and peel the bar at high speed.


5. Pinch out the roller device

Function: pump the bar material to the output roller table of round bar peeling machine.
Structure: Similar to the pinch roller device.


6. Output roller table

Function: output and tip the peeled bar stock onto the transition stand.
Structure form: similar to the input roller table.



7. Transitional stand

Function: The bar material after peeling can be temporarily stored on the transition stand, and at the same time has a buffering effect.
Structure: The frame itself is a structural part, and the surface is equipped with anti-scratch material to prevent the surface of the bar material from being scratched. The table of the bar peeling machine has a certain inclination angle, and the bar stock can roll into the collection tank automatically and slowly.

8. Collection tank

Function: Collect the finished products.
Structure form: The skeleton is welded and formed by section steel, and the surface is covered with anti-scratch material to ensure that the finished product will not be scratched during the collection process.


9. Hydraulic system

Function: supply the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic actuator set in the relevant part of the equipment, and realize the clamping and loosening movement of the bar material through the oil cylinder in the front (rear) clamping part.
Structure: This production line is equipped with one hydraulic station, which is arranged at an appropriate position on the production line. It is mainly composed of the oil pump, motor, hydraulic control valve, hydraulic oil tank, cooling system, and hydraulic pipeline.


10. Cooling method

Function: Used to cool the blade, front guide plate, guide wheel, bar.
Structure: Cooling method of steel bar peeling machine consists of a coolant tank, a three-phase water pump, a pipeline system, nozzle, etc. The three-phase water pump transfers the cutting fluid in the reservoir to the nozzle near the cutter head through the pipeline, and sprays it directly onto the cutting tip and turning chips, so as to take away most of the cutting heat and fall with the turning chips into chip discharge port which under the cutter head. Then it flows back to the reservoir through the pipeline for cooling.


11. The automatic chip removal device

The iron shavings fall into the chain plate of the chip conveyor through the falling opening at the bottom of the cutter head and are taken out by the transmission belt, and then collected together.


The Main Features of Bar Peeling Machine

● High precision and durability.
● When processing the over-length bar, Bar Peeling Machine has incomparable advantages. The ordinary lathe is good at processing short bars. But there is a great restriction for ● processing long shaft. In theory, Centerless Lathe can process the bar of infinite length.
● The round bar peeling machine process not only a processing bar but also a wire rod. That the ordinary lathe can't do it.
● Fast processing speeds. Processing speed 1~12m/min, the working efficiency of Centerless Lathe is dozens of times of the ordinary lathe.
● Simple maintenance and strong practicability
● High speed to save more time cost.
● Unique design, and it is easy to operate.
● Automatic chip removal
● Automatic loading and unloading

Our Bar Peeling Machine Advantages

1. High Quality

With reference to German technology, on this basis, we update and improve our technology. Compared with foreign equipment, our bar peeling machine has high quality, high efficiency, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low failure rate, low energy consumption, and reasonable price.

2. Enough experience and High technology

We start from the processing industry, using self-made equipment to undertake the national bar material processing business. This is also an important basis in which we can continuously improve our equipment technology. Because we have processed different materials and specifications bar materials, we have more practical experience. Therefore, we all have better and more accurate judgment and guidance on the possible faults and operational errors of the steel bar peeling machine.

3. On-line tool adjustment without stopping

Compared with similar products in China, our round bar peeling machine can make on-line tool adjustment without stopping which can save more time and improve work efficiency And we equipped with good quality accessories. 

The Applications of Bar Peeling Machine

Our round bar peeling machine is suitable for processing all kinds of metal materials, such as steel tube core bar, titanium alloy, stainless steel, bearing steel, spring steel, alloy tool steel, carbon tool steel, high-speed tool steel, quality carbon steel, alloy structural steel, nonhardening and tempering steel, free-cutting steel, valve steel, gear steel, mold steel and all kinds of nonferrous metal, tube, etc.



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