Flexible Operation and Initial Setting of the Bar Straightening Machine

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The leveler should pay attention to many related issues during the use of the leveler. The position of the rollers is at an angle relative to the direction of movement of the leveler. Two or three rollers actively generate pressure and are driven in the same direction by the motor. When several small rollers on the other side are driven by the pressure of the roller, the bar straightening machine rotates by the friction force of the rotating rod or pipe to realize the required compression and straightening of the product by the roller, and can respectively adjust the small rollers forward or backward.


In operation, the more the number of rolls of the bar straightening machine, the higher the accuracy of the finished product after straightening. Once the product is bitten by the rolls, the round bar straightener will move continuously in a straight or rotating manner to achieve the purpose of straightening. Check the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic station and the gearbox before the bar straightening machine start. If the gear oil in the gearbox is full, check the corners and adjust the working pressure of the hydraulic system before starting the main engine, and inject lubricating oil at each lubrication point, to verify the operation of mechanical transmission components for flexible operation.


When the round bar straightening machine stops, the straightening roller will also stop working, the upper straightening roller is lifted, and the straightened steel pipe is sent out. If you need to reverse the straightening, you can use the backspace knob on the console to reverse the host and reverse straightening. The main motor stops, the straightening roller stops, the steel pipe returns to the starting position, and the next straightening procedure is repeated. When the steel bar straightening machine is turned off, the main power supply is cut off at the same time, so that the program controller cannot change at will.


In actual operation, the straightness of the steel pipe should be carefully observed. When performing the initial setting, ensure that the steel pipe is in contact with three-quarters of the roller straightening body, and the gap is not less than the greater the straightening speed. It should be adjusted reasonably according to the degree of bending of the steel pipe and the material of the steel pipe to be straightened. The distance between the upper and lower rollers should be adjusted according to the material of the steel pipe and the accuracy required to ensure the reduction of straightening.

1. From the center of the inner groove of the feeding, straightening, and pressing rollers, the steel bars in the center of the cylindrical knife fixed by the trolley are straightened and routed on a horizontal line.

2. The blanking rack should also be kept on the same centerline, but it should be lower than the centerline to about 5cm. And the blanking support frame is required to be close to the machine body and fixed with expansion bolts to accurately blank the material.

3. The electrical control cabinet of the straightening machine should be installed on the ground about 1.5 meters opposite the host for easy control.

4. The straight line spacing of the steel bar straightening machine should be more than 6 meters so that there is room for the rebar to spread and meet the production needs.


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