Overload Protection Device of the Bar Straightening Machine

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As far as the transmission system of the bar straightening machine is concerned, the transmission method from the motor, the reduction gear distribution box, the safety coupling, the universal coupling to the straightening roller is generally adopted. When the steel bar straightening machine straightens the steel plate, due to the plastic deformation in the length direction, the speed difference between the steel plate and the straightening roll can reach 3%, which generates additional torque. In the past, the integral transmission is easy to cause damage to the shaft and gears. At the same time, when the speed difference between the straightening roller and the steel plate occurs, the steel plate slipping will damage the surface. In order to avoid these phenomena, the straightening rollers should be driven individually or in groups as much as possible, and they can also be used to control tension.


The rollers of the bar straightening machine are arranged obliquely, change the rollers in groups, and are equipped with an overload protection device. The frame adopts a prestressed frame structure to increase the rigidity. The quadruple-type bar straightening machine has made great improvements in the structure and roll system layout, which has changed the defects of the original double-type hot-straightening machine such as unsatisfactory straightening quality, large roll distance, low straightening ability, and inconvenient maintenance so that the straightening thickness range is expanded to about 10 times. The steel bar straightening machine is developed towards automatic, full hydraulic, high-load, high-rigidity, multi-function, and powerful straightening technology, that is, the third-generation bar straightening machine is used to further improve the surface quality of the steel plate. 


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