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Bar Straightening Machine


Bar Straightening Machine is used for straightening and drawn bars made of steel. Automatic Straightening Machine is characterized by advanced design with safe, reliable and easy operation as well as stable performance. It is able to straighten scraped rebar with high efficiency.

The bar straightening process is obtained by the passage of the bar through a pre-setted roller set. The two straightening heads, vertical and horizontal axis, allow processing the two bar axis. The adjustable rollers facilitate the processing of different section bars and avoid the replacement of the rollers with fixed grooves. The working cycle is normally automatic and continuous but it can be changed.

Steel bar straightening machine is mainly applied in straightening and length cutting and applicable to cold rolling Level III Steel Bar, cold rolling plain round bar, and hot rolling coiled bar round steel. As a professional straightening machine manufacturer, Baote provides round bar straightening machines, automatic straightening machines, steel bar straightening machines, copper tube straightening machines, and wire straightening machines.

Backed by our rich experience in this domain, our precisely engineered range of Round Bar Straightening Machine offers high effectiveness to the user and is well known for its rigid construction, highly synchronized parts, high tensile strength, and longer service life. Being a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization, Baote's automatic straightening machine is manufactured using premium quality raw materials in compliance with international quality standards. Clients can avail of this round bar straightening machine at economical prices from us. 


Two-roll round bar straightener is the equipment for straightening bars, pipes, and wires. The straightener changes the straightness by extruding the bar with the straightening roller. The two-roll bar straightening machine is the workhorse of the BAOTE product line excelling in both straightening and brushing applications. The over/under Roll design allows for quick roll and guide changeovers. Motor horsepower determination is dependent on the speed requirements and the materials to be processed.

Steel bar straightener can be implemented in rolling mill finishing lines, inspection lines, or individual straightening lines. In straightening lines, the straightened material is transported to straightening machines by means of conveyors, or troughs, situated at the input and output. The steel straightening machine is mainly used for precision straightening for the metal bar after peeling or grinding and pre-straightening for the metal bar. The machine adopts a special curve between upper concave and the lower convex two straightening rolls to realize calendering and straightening at the same time, which greatly improved the working efficiency.

Precision round bar straightening machines are of the two rolls adjustable angle type. The bar straightening machine can be customized to suit customers' needs. BAOTE two-rolls bar straightening machine consists of two-beams and four-columns structure, prestressed structure, and frame structure. Two-roll bar straightener usually used to straight high yield strength and small bending metal bars and rods and achieve high straightness and good surface roughness.

Round bar straightening machine is used for straightening and polishing bars made of steel (drawn or peeled) and non-ferrous metals (cast, extruded, or drawn). The adjustments of the steel bar straightening machine are carried out by motor. The adjustable components are hydraulically clamped. To compensate for the unroundness existing in black material and the given rolling tolerances, the top roll has a hydraulic bearing. This will prevent machine damage. In addition, the introduced straightening force can be precisely directed and controlled.

The round bar straightening machine is made of alloyed chrome steel. They are forged from one piece, raw machined, hardened, and finished or ground. The rod straightener has a fixed bottom roll and an adjustable top roll. The operator has either preshaped handwheels or an automatic NC control to set the roller straightening machine. After entering the basic parameters, the controller calculates the optimal configuration of the machine.

The automatic bar straightening machine is used for straightening steel bars (hot rolled or forged). The height-adjustable two-roll straighteners have a fixed bottom roll and an adjustable top roll. The adjustments are carried out by motor. The adjustable components are hydraulically clamped. To compensate for the unroundness existing in black material and the given rolling tolerances, the top roll has a hydraulic bearing. This will prevent machine damage. In addition, the introduced straightening force can be precisely directed and controlled. BAOTE automatic bar straighteners correct shape defects in carbon, alloy, titanium, aluminum, platinum, silver, stainless steel, copper, and brass bars. The automatic bar straightening machine processes not only round bars but are also used to burnish and size bars, as well as de-rod materials for tubes.

The wire straightening machines are assigned for continuous straightening of wire from wire coil, which is afterward measured and cut to the desired length. BAOTE wire straightening machine is designed as stand-alone lines for the high-speed production of straightened and cut wire. These machines are robustly designed and are offered with a range of different payoff options (DIN or Motorised Rotating Platforms) to suit the presentation of the wire. The wire is driven by a series of feed wheels through the dual spinner assemblies and is cut to length in a high speed flying shear. The shear is designed to give a flush, square end cut at maximum operating speed. Gearing between the feed and spinner drives ensures a constant straightening angle under all conditions to provide optimal straightness of the finished wires.

BAOTE two-roll two-motor bar straightener offers customers with space constraints a viable solution to process larger diameter material due to its compact footprint with the motors being mounted directly on the machine. Performing well in both black bar and burnishing applications, this machine is a versatile option to the vertical over/under straighteners in larger diameter applications. The two roll straightener straightens materials of different diameters through the angle change of two rollers. The two roll bar straightener can be used for the diameter range 10 to 160 mm. BAOTE provides purpose-built solutions to fit each customer’s specific needs and applications. Contact us for more information.

The Main Parts of Bar Straightening Machine


1. Loading table

Function: feeding, stacking, and discharging.
Structure form: The frame body is a structural part, and the overhead crane loads the materials. The finer materials need to be arranged manually. Near the input roller table of the bar straightening machine, a material blocking arm and a pneumatic dialing arm are installed. Under the control of the electrical detection point at the end of the roller table, the pneumatic dialing arm successively dials the round bar material to be calendered into the roller table of precision bar straightener. 

2. Enter roller table

Function: convey the bar material to the precision round bar straightening machine.
Structural form: The frame is a structural part. The roller table is the height of the mechanical roller surface. According to the diameter of the bar to be calendered, the height of the roller table is manually adjusted to keep it consistent with the center of the pinch roller device. The roller table is driven by an electric motor.

3. The mainframe of precision bar straightening machine

Function: According to the set precision correction calendering speed, the bar stock is finely calendered at high speed.
Structural form: The base is of the upper and lower beam type, two main reduction motors respectively drive the upper and lower precision calendering rollers to rotate, and the transmission mode is a universal coupling.


4. Output roller table

Function: output and tilt the finished bar after finishing and correcting it to the transition stand.
Structure form: similar to the input roller table.


5. Transitional stand

Function: The calendered bar stock can be temporarily stored on the transition stand, and at the same time has a buffering effect.
Structure: The frame itself is a structural part, and the surface layer is equipped with anti-scratch material to prevent the surface of the bar after calendering from being scratched. The table has a certain inclination angle, and the bar stock can roll into the collection tank automatically and slowly.


6. Collection tank

Function: Collect the finished products.
Structure form: The skeleton is welded and formed by section steel, and the surface is covered with anti-scratch material to ensure that the finished product will not be scratched during the collection process.


7. Electrical system

The electrical system includes a power supply system and a control system. It is composed of a power distribution cabinet and an operation button station, which realizes the electrical control of the main drive system, straightening system, cooling system, pneumatic system, and auxiliary machines.
Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation is adopted for the main drive system, straightening system and the upper and lower feed rollers of the auxiliary machine, and the control system is semi-automatic button control.


8. Pneumatic system

Function: supply the pneumatic actuators set in the relevant parts of the equipment to complete the loading and unloading actions.
Structure: pneumatic solenoid valve and cylinder.


9. Cooling method

Function: It is used to cool precision straightening roller and bar calendering.
Structure: It is composed of a cooling liquid tray, centrifugal water pump, pipeline system, nozzle, etc. The centrifugal water pump transfers the cutting fluid in the reservoir to the nozzle through the pipeline, and directly sprays it to the surface of the straightening roller, so as to take away most of the straightening heat. Then it flows into the oil tank and flows back to the reservoir through the pipeline for cooling.



Our Bar Straightening Machine Advantages 

● The whole length of the workpiece is straightened, which solves the problem that the head and end of the workpiece cannot be straightened on the general straightening machine.

● The straightening quality can be significantly improved, and the residual winding degree after straightening can be reduced to 0.1~0.5mm/m.

● Bar straightening machine has a strong roundness effect on the outer diameter of the round bar, which significantly reduces the ellipticity of the round bar.

● It can effectively eliminate the shrinking phenomenon of the round bar after straightening and ensure the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece.

Round bar straightening machine can improve surface roughness while straightening.

The Applications of Bar Straightening Machine


● Bright Bar Manufacturers

● Material Extrusion Plant

● Rolling Mill Fasteners Manufacturers

● Straightening in gold rod Welding Electrodes Manufacturer

● Rod Straightening (Wire, Bar, Rod & Pipe) Brass, Copper & Alloy

● Straightening the scrap steelhead and scrap steel bar of the old building 

● Steel Bar Straightening Machine is suitable for the straightening and cutting of wire rod or a cold-drawn steel bar in the prefabricated component factory, steel bar processing, and distribution factory and construction site.  


As a professional straightening machine manufacturer, Baote provides a high-quality bar straightening machine, which is used for straightening steel bars. This round bar straightening machine is mainly used for straightening bars and also used for straightening thick wall pipe. Its straightening function comes from the concave-convex change of roll shape. Our automatic straightening machine has been valued for its unique properties of straightening short circular bars and has been continuously developed for its ability to straighten both ends of the round bars and its ability to calender the surface of the round bars.



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