Safety and Straightening Quality of Multi-roll Bar Straightening Machine

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The multi-roll bar straightening machine is suitable for the straightening of various round steel such as pipes and bars and is the important auxiliary equipment for the finishing workshop of the round steel production line. The materials processed by the multi-roll bar straightening machine include rods and tubes, which are materials of various materials that have undergone cold and hot rolling and drawing. Due to different processes, the oxide scale on the surface of the material varies in weight. Therefore, during the entire processing operation, the operator should not directly contact the material when the round bar straightening machine is turned on, so as to prevent the rapid rotation of the processed material from scratching the operator by the protrusions on the surface of the material. The rotation speed is fast, and the operator's arm cannot leave the processed material quickly, which will cause greater damage.


In order to solve the safety problem of the multi-roll bar straightening machine, all products of our company are designed with an automatic control operation system for loading and unloading to ensure that the operator does not need to directly touch the processing material during the entire normal operation. Normal, safe, and efficient production.


The straightening roll of the multi-roll bar straightening machine can be divided into integral type and combined type according to the structure. The roller body of the combined roller is detachable and generally connected by a key. The material of the roll body is divided into forged steel, cast steel, cast iron, and non-metallic materials. The life of the cast steel roll body is higher than that of the forged steel roll body, especially the centrifugal casting roll body that has a very long life. When straightening thin-walled pipes and pipes with high surface quality, rubber-faced rollers or bakelite rollers are used.


The straightening quality of the multi-roll bar straightening machine is largely determined by the roll shape of the straightening roll. The reasonable roll shape should be that the steel pipe and the roll are in full contact along the entire working section of the roll during the straightening process, forming a spatial contact zone. Obviously, it will be quite difficult to determine this roller profile. A roller profile is formulated according to a steel pipe size but must meet the steel pipe straightening requirements of a certain size range, which is often met by adjusting the inclination of the roller. On the other hand, as the roller wears, the shape of the roller is constantly changing. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring certain straightening quality, it is also possible to use some approximate simplified curve as the rolling curve.


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