Why Choose Bar Peeling Machine

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Because the bar peeling machine can continuously process alloy gloss steel and has requirements of high diameter and surface roughness tolerance, so it is very popular in today's industry.

The traditional drawing process cannot avoid some internal cracks or cracks on the surface, which will cause serious damage to the entire component. In addition, the traditional wire drawing process must be pickled, which seriously pollutes the environment, and it is also strictly controlled by the environmental protection department. In this case, some of these costs are gradually increasing, and the difficulty and cost of production are increasing.

In the actual operation process of the automatic steel bar peeling machine, it can effectively remove all stains on the surface of the steel pipe, and can also remove the activated carbon or some cracks on the surface of the steel pipe. The round bar peeling machine can change pipe's defects and allow it to be reused and to obtain more use value. If the bar peeling machine is fully automatic, it is control by  both electronic frequency conversion system and hydraulic control system. The steel peeling machine can automatically feed the material and cut continuously. The centerless lathe is used for processing. Because the control system has a very open structure, it can improve the application process of the bar peeling machine and can also reduce labor costs, thus increasing the profit of the manufacturer.

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